Applications are now closed for this position. We’re currently going through the ones we received (there were a lot). Thanks for your patience!

Writer / Designer

MCDM is producing a 32-page “Player’s Guide To Capital” presenting a high-level overview of the city with enough information for players to make new characters for a Capital campaign, and give DM’s a basic understanding of the setting.

So you want to write/design for MCDM. Well, good news! We need writers!

We make 5th Edition supplements. We may someday make other stuff, but right now 5e is our focus. We like Kickstarter as both creators and backers, but not every MCDM project is well-suited for that ecology.

There are lots of future projects we need help with, but we’d like to start with something small. MCDM runs a campaign every Wednesday night in the fantasy metropolis of Capital, “The Greatest City in This or Any Age!” We’ve already done many hours of worldbuilding videos and now actual play set in the city of Capital.

But there’s a LOT more detail necessary to really flesh it out, far more than one person could crank out in a reasonable amount of time. So we’re looking for help!  We’d like to make a Player’s Guide To Capital. Not a Campaign Guide with tons of really noodly detail--that will come in the future, should there be sufficient interest.

Instead we’re looking for folks who can take all the videos, notes, and the outline and help create the details for the city. This can range from taking the names of organizations or districts and fleshing them out, or taking inspiration from what’s already been done to create new content.

We have not yet decided what form the finished product will take. It may take the form of a PDF or it may turn into a print product, or it may become the first chapter in a full Capital sourcebook.


We pay twenty-five cents ($0.25 USD) a word for writing.


Total word count for the project will be ~22,000 words. Ideally split up between two or three writers. So an individual assignment might be 8,000 or 9,000 words.


We expect folks to get 1,200 words a day, or 6,000 words a week, written.

Work For Hire

We use a standard work-for-hire contract with writers which means we own the work. We’ll be submitting your tax info as well, so we’ll need that.


Experience Working As A Freelance Writer/Designer

It’s possible we might hire someone based solely on some writing samples but if we’re choosing between different, qualified applicants we’ll pick the writers with more experience working on a deadline and on a project like this.

You may be working in a collaborative environment with multiple authors working on different parts of the city. This will require reading the work they’re contributing and being familiar with the project as a whole.

You’ll be provided an outline of the product with a word-count of your assignment and expected to create/write/design within those constraints.


We’re probably not going to hire someone if they don’t have a body of work already available. Your application needs to include links to your work, which we will read.

Familiarity With Capital

It’d be nice if you already knew something about it, but if you don’t, you can watch these youtube videos and get caught up. If we’re choosing between different, qualified applicants, we’ll pick the folks who are the mostly knowledgeable/enthusiastic about the city.

It would also be nice if you were familiar with other Urban Fantasy products. Always helps to know “what kind of thing is this?”

Familiarity with 5E.

More is better, but you don’t need to be a walking encyclopedia. You do, however, need to be ready and willing to do a lot of research into 5e’s language and mechanics depending on the assignment.  If we’re choosing between different, qualified applicants, we’ll pick the folks who already show a lot of knowledge about 5th Edition’s grammar and design.

This is not a rules-heavy product, but there will be new rules for making characters unique to the city and maybe some monsters or items.

Familiarity with Strongholds & Followers

You learn a lot about my attitude toward design in Strongholds & Followers, so some familiarity with that product might help, but generally as a designer I like “injecting some 4E into 5E.”

All this language just means “don’t be afraid to submit something.” Don’t automatically count yourself out.

Existing Capital Resources

If you’re interested, but not already incredibly familiar with the City of Capital, you can watch these videos to get a sense of the setting.

Here’s the first episode of the Chain livestream where the players arrived in Capital.

There’s also an existing fan wiki, which is pretty good!