Bang! Cheatsheet

This is a quick cheatsheet to help viewers understand the gameplay and icons of the Last Game Wins! - Bang! livestreams.

Bang! is a hidden role game. There are 3 teams:

1 Sheriff and 2 Deputies: They must eliminate all the Outlaws and the Renegade, to protect law and order.
3 Outlaws: They would like to kill the Sheriff, but they have no scruples about eliminating each other to gain rewards!
1 Renegade: They wants to be the new Sheriff; their goal is to be the last character in play.

Starting with the Sheriff, players take turns in a clockwise direction.

Each turn the player does the following

  • Draws two cards

  • Plays any number of cards in their hand. Primary Exception: Players may only Bang! once per turn.

  • Discards so they do not have more cards than they have life points.


Sheriff’s badge

The role of Sheriff is known to everyone at the table. The badge indicates who is the Sheriff for the current game.


Gun range 2-5

Every player has a built in gun of range 1. Other guns allow players to shoot farther around the table.


Gun range 1 - the volcanic

While every player has a built in gun of range 1. The Volcanic allows this player to Bang! as many times during their turn as they want.


Life Point

Each bullet represents one life point. Run out of life points and you become only of interest to history.

Additionally, the bullets indicate how many cards the player can hold in his hand at the end of his turn (hand size limit).

Life points can be recovered, but never to exceed the player’s starting amount.


The barrel

Hiding in a barrel allows you to avoid damage from a Bang! The player Draws a card from the deck and if it is a HEART, the Bang! misses you.



If the dynamite is in front of a player when their turn starts, they must Draw a card from the deck to determine if the dynamite blows up in their face. If it blows up, the player takes THREE points of damage. If it does not blow up, it gets passed to the player on their left.

House Rule: If the card drawn is also a dynamite card, that player DIES and the two players next to this player take ONE point of damage.


A Horse

A player riding a horse, is considered ONE additional distance away from the other players.


A Scope

A player with a scope on their gun sees all other players ONE distance closer.



If the jail is in front of a player when their turn starts


Dead Deputy

This player is DEAD and they were revealed to be a deputy.


Dead Outlaw

This player is DEAD and they were revealed to be an outlaw.


Dead Renegade

This player is DEAD and they were revealed to be the renegade.