We’re Looking for help!

Hello! Every once in a while, we need a strike team to assist us with small projects. If you are local to Orange County, CA and willing to share your expertise, please fill out the form below with your information.


We’re looking for an audio engineer to come to our studio in Orange County, CA and help calibrate our livestreaming setup!

MCDM streams live D&D every Wednesday night with six players sitting around the table and we want to improve our broadcast and recorded audio quality. This is a consultancy/contract job. The goal is to help us establish best practices for live audio. This is not a weekly gig for a live audio producer.

Experience we are looking for:

  • Willing to commute to Orange County, CA

  • Has set up audio for recording and/or broadcast studios

  • Has mixed audio during a live broadcast


the more details you provide about your skillset, the more likely we are to contact you.